Helius 780 Infrared Lens System

Helius 780 ( H780 )

Introducing the latest incarnation of these efforts, the Helius 780 or H780 IR (Infrared Reducing) lens technology.
This lens system is by far the most advance offering to date in all market segments. Light is part of the electromagnetic radiation in which the visible light that the human eye can observe range between 390 and 700 nanometers. Ultra violet radiation that has been known to cause eye disease stops at the 400 nm or nanometer scale.
Most polarized eyewear protects you from these harmful UV radiations but there is another that has never been addressed. Infrared rays lie beyond the red end of the visible spectrum, with wavelengths between 780 and 10.000 nm. They can be a potential hazard since they produce heat, therefore raising the overall temperature of the anterior eye and finally doing damage to it, especially the crystalline lens and the retina.
RCI Optics has produced a lens system based on our famed Helius 2.2 RCT High Impact Polarized Lens that incorporates a revolutionary IR filter that can absorb infrared between 780 and 2.000 nm, thus reducing the total heat load reaching the eye and preventing nuisance and damages, such as visual loss, haze, flare, dry eye syndrome while improving glare reduction and eye fatigue.

Introducing the latest incarnation of our efforts to advance technology, the Helius 780 or H780 IR (Infrared Reducing) lens system.
Based on our famed Helius 2.2 Polarized Lenses, now with an Infrared filtration, you will reduce more eye fatigue, enhance color acuity, reduce more glare and add color brilliance while eliminating IR distortions!
Yes, we did just make a 780 lens! #The Advantage Is Clear!!!

Helius L25

Helius L25

The most anticipated lens system to reach the markets! The L25 Low Light lens System provides 25% light transmission at the median range while cranking light at the higher end of the color light spectrum. This lens system will allow for use at low light conditions while providing longer wear times than other Low Light systems offered by our competitors. perfectly suited for sight fishing, shooting, cycling and any other outdoor activity that can be imagined. The Advantage is Clear!

Helius 2.2 RCT High Impact Lenses

Helius 2.2 RCT Polarized

The Helius 2.2 polarized system is a 100% polar solution that is perfectly balanced with our lens system to provide a high end polarized lens with high optical clarity. The lens system combined offers 100% polarization, and 100% protection against UV A, B and C radiation without compromising optical clarity.

Imagine having incredible clarity while blocking more than 88% of visible light on some lenses and as much much as 92% on others while being able to sustain a .15 cal. round at 650+ ft. per second impact. Leviathans Series Only.



Xiphos 4.0 is a permanently bonded application to the Helius RCT High Impact Polarized lens system that provides superior hydrophobic, oleo-phobic, anti-scratch and at the core is its anti-static properties that makes it perfect for extreme weather conditions while providing a durable performance application that is easy to clean and is durable to scratching while repelling dirt, oil, water and other contaminants.