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RCT High Impact Lenses


RCT is an acronym that stands for Radius Curving Technology. In order to provide distortion free vision, a lens must be shaped in such a manner that allows light to travel in a straight path on a high curve lens system. The outcome is high clarity distortion free optics.

Heluis 2.2 RCT High Impact Lenses

Helius 2.2 RCT Polarized

The Helius 2.2 polarized system is a 100% polar solution that is perfectly balanced with our lens system to provide a high end polarized lens with high optical clarity. The lens system combined offers 100% polarization, and 100% protection against UV A, B and C radiation without compromising optical clarity.

Imagine having incredible clarity while blocking more than 88% of visible light on some lenses and as much much as 92% on others while being able to sustain a .15 cal. round at 650+ ft. per second impact. Leviathans Series Only.



Xiphos 4.0 is a permanently bonded application to the Helius RCT High Impact Polarized lens system that provides superior hydrophobic, oleo-phobic, anti-scratch and at the core is its anti-static properties that makes it perfect for extreme weather conditions while providing a durable performance application that is easy to clean and is durable to scratching while repelling dirt, oil, water and other contaminants.

About Us


RCI Optics was visualized in 1998 by a team of locals on the east coast of central Florida. We got our start as a company selling sunglasses on the gleaming sands of Cocoa Beach, Florida.

We soon realized that not all the consumer needs were being fulfilled by the current offerings of the brands on todays market.

Our goal was to develop a product that was cutting edge and customer centric. We deployed the most advance technologies and developed new ones to match our needs.

We worked along side watermen that would test these sunglasses like no other. We arrived at the forefront of optical technology, and a series of optics that combine tactical protection from impacts while offering pure clarity and phenomenal glare reduction.

RCI Optics is filling the need in the market for technology that is specifically designed for the harsh elements of the coastal life style. Sunglasses need to be more than a mere fashion accessory. Sunglasses on the Right Coast need to incorporate performance and technology with resilient style.

Our team of eye wear specialist (with over 40 years of combined sunglass experience) developed a sun lens to meet your specific needs. The HELIUS 2.2 RCT High Impact Polarized Lens™ with Xiphos 4.0 ™ combats intense glare, high velocity impacts and harmful UV while bringing the brilliant colors of the Right Coast to life.
Incorporated into exciting and extremely durable new sunglass styles, our collection was introduced. With that, we have steadily built a cult following of avid fishermen, watermen, outdoor enthusiasts and all things Right Coast. We are proud of our Right Coast heritage which makes us unique and provides the ultimate testing grounds for our glasses.

Product Technology

  • Purposed Built

    Our products were designed with the most discerning outdoor enthusiast in mind such as Sight Fisherman, Hunters, Intrepid Spirits and Elite Watermen of the world but with the East Coast Vibe ~ Right Coast Independent.

  • Military rated technology for civilians

    Levithan Series are manufactured with the Helius 2.2 or Helius 780 IR RCT High Impact lens system. In short, you have a lens that is 6 times more dense than traditional polycarbonate. In fact this is not a poly lens but a remarkable material that can absorb an impact that is 7 times greater than that of the ANSI  Z87 rating. Applications range from full tactical operations, hunting, sight fishing to anything that can be imagined outdoors.

    Classic Series utilize the same lens system while using traditional frame materials such as TR-90 Grilamid and is designed for more casual wear but still offers more protection than any others on the market.

  • One of the few

    We are one of the few companies that exist in our field that is American Owned, Florida Grown and will compete for hearts and mind for the most discretionary outdoorsmen. Our Products are 100% produced in Italy, which is the pinnacle of the eye wear industry. Our products are not built in China, Taiwan and any other place that is only known for cheap labor and low quality production. Only the best for our customers!

  • Warranty

    All RCI Optics eyewear is warranted against manufacturer defects for two years from the date of purchase. Proof of purchase is required and must be from an authorized dealer. Warranty is void if no valid proof of purchase is provided. The RCI OPTICS sunglasses warranty does not cover scratched lenses or breakage caused by misuse, neglect or normal wear and tear.  Alteration of RCI products will void warranty. All claims are to be handled by RCI Optics direct .Additional lenses can be purchased through RCI OPTICS.

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Some Infos

Payment Methods

We offer Paypal Standard as a payment gateway. You can also use Credit Cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express if you do not have a Paypal Account.

How to contact us

Call Us toll free and we will be glad to help (855) 293 8956

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What others say about us

Ross Gallagher ~ The Intrepid Angler

RCI Optics has Addressed the failures of high dollar manufactures with the drive to produce the most reliable, stylish and performance driven eyewear on the market. I can honestly say I’ve never seen eyewear perform like my RCI’s. Optical clarity, eliminated eye strain, polarization that leaves competitors in the dust and frames built to withstand the extreme heat, salt and sunscreen I put them through on a daily basis. I’ll never leave home without my pair.

Ross Gallagher ~ The Intrepid AnglerDirector, Retail Sales at Hogy LuresThe Intrepid Angler
Gian DiBella

Our mission at Operation Home Shores, Inc. is to give back to our veterans for their sacrifice by way of fishing, hunting, and shooting sports. We spend countless hours in the field pursuing the ultimate adventure and we expect our gear to hold up to the pressure. RCI Optics provides a lens that exceeds our demand in regards to mission effectiveness, and is proven to be the best polarized optic we have used in our 15 years plus of sight fishing experience.

When it comes to spending my hard earned dollars on equipment, I only reach for the best. The Leviathan series have stood the test on the water and in the woods, time and time again. No other manufacturer has stood by their product with outstanding customer service and a no excuses mentality. If you are into fishing, hunting, shooting sports, and boating then you owe it to yourself. Make no mistake, the advantage is truly clear.

Gian DiBellaPresident / Founder- Operation Home Shores, Inc. (501c3)Operation Home Shores
Dan Favio

As a world wide builder of high end custom fishing rods, one thing I
understand is quality! The first time I put a pair of RCI sunglasses on my
face, I knew right then that they were second to none! The meticulous
attention to detail, the clarity, the quality…just extraordinary! I can
wear them all day long stalking Redfish, Snook and Tarpon on the flats and
never know that they were there. Incredible work guys!!!!!!

Dan Favio

Dan James Rod Company

Dan Favio
Dan FavioCEO~ Owner Dan James Custom RodsDJR Facebook
Skiff Matt

“RCI Optics and their Helius 2.2 lens system have helped me find countless fish out on the water and cut through the glare when it counts. RCI is a company that’s turning heads in the sunglass world and putting out a great product. I would recommend RCI Optics sunglasses to anyone serious about putting fish in the boat and wanting to truly experience what it’s like to own a serious pair of polarized sunglasses.”

These are Serious!
Skiff Matt
Skiff MattOwner ~


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Nice colorful tail on this Red that hit right at the boat and tried to run for the mangrove!! @chasing_tails_321 👍 #RCIoptics #RedFish #SightFishing #Florida #FlatsFishing #FloridasSunglassCompany #TheAdvantageisClear
@k.hendren Finding some fat #MosquitoLagoon Reds on the fly!! photo: Capt.Bill Rotne Style shown "Mosquito Lagoon" Experience your next adventure through the worlds clearest most technologically advanced polarized lens system!! #RCIoptics #UnsurpassedTechnology #UncompromisingQuality #RedFish #FlyFishing #SightFishing #NewSmyrna #FloridasSunglassCompany #RightCoastIndependent #RightCoastStyle #TheAdvantageisClear
@teamwoodsblitch1 With a perfect upper slot Red just as the early morning fog lifts! #RedFish #RCIoptics #Florida #SightFishing #Jacksonville Experience your next adventure through the world clearest most technologically advanced polarized lens! #RightCoastIndependent #RightCoastStyle #TheAdvantageIsClear
S.Florida Snook on fly! Gotta love when a plan comes together a pinpoint accurate cast and a great eye behind the camera!! Camera:@rickdepaiva angler:@purpleisle_honb3nzo  #RCIoptics #Florida #SightFishing #Snook #FlyFishing Experience your next adventure through the worlds clearest most technologically advanced polarized lens system!! #RightCoastStyle #TheAdvantageisClear
One of many new shirt designs to come in 2016!! Will be up on the new site soon! Huge Thanks to the crew @skinnywaterculture for making these limited run shirts! #RCIoptics #RightCoast #RedFish #RightCoastIndependent #Florida #FlyFishing #SightFishing #TheAdvantageisClear
@patrick_gingras Putting his 3WT through the paces with a great looking 33" #RedFish !! #RCIoptics #FlyFishing #SightFishing #Florida #RightCoastStyle Experience your next adventure through the worlds clearest most technologically advanced polarized lens system the Helius 2.2 RCT high impact lens!! #UncompromisingQuality #UnsurpassedTechnology #TheAdvantageisClear

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